Chitragupta Temple is located in the east direction and faces the rising sun. It is the only temple dedicated to the Sun God and was constructed in the 11th century. A 5-foot-tall idol of the deity sitting on a chariot driven by seven horses sits in the temple.

The walls of the temple are beautifully carved and give a glimpse of various historical events. The prime attractions include an image of Lord Vishnu in the 11-headed form on the south wall. Visitors are also left mesmerised by the intricate carvings of dancing girls, elephant fights, processions and hunting scenes done on the interior of the temple. The exterior of the temple is also beautiful and one can find sculptures of apsaras (celestial nymphs), vyalas, mithunas and deities there. Moreover, more than 70 other figures have been carved on the balcony panels of the temple. The doorways are also elaborately ornamented and portray a series of three figures of the Sun God, similar to the one in the sanctum sanctorum.

One can also visit the three-storeyed stepped tank inside the premises. Called as chopra, it was also constructed by the Chandela rulers.

Other Attractions in Khajuraho