Standing apart from all other temples in the area, this temple is a composition of small hut-like structures surrounding an open courtyard. It was built in 875-900 AD and is a part of the Western group of temples. The temple is dedicated to 64 female yoginis (female attendants) who are considered to be forms of the Mother Goddess.

This temple is quite unique and is the only one here that is built with local granite. Its architecture is quite simple and has no ornamentation. The walls are almost bare and lack the characteristic carvings of temples in Khajuraho. There are a total of 67 shrines in the temple complex and the largest one is dedicated to Goddess Durga, who is presented in the form of Mahishasura Mardini. Two shrines are for Maheshvari and Matrikas Brahmani and the other 64 are dedicated to the yoginis. This temple is believed to be the oldest yogini temple in India.

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