Built sometime during 1025-1050 AD, the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is the tallest, the largest and the most stunning in the Khajuraho complex. With about 870 spectacular sculptures, it is considered to be the spiritual abode of Lord Shiva. It is most popular for its ornate architecture, including statues of beautifully adorned women. The structure has a shikhara (spire) about 31 m high that depicts Mount Kailash. This main spire is surrounded by 84 miniature spires (Urushringas).

The temple houses a shivling made of marble in its sanctum sanctorum, with 646 statues dotting its boundary. Facing towards the east, the entrance of the temple has a staircase and porch that have been adorned with garlands chiselled out of solid single stone. It is believed that Raja Dhandadeva, a Chandela ruler, built this temple.

Other Attractions in Khajuraho