Lying to the north of Kavaratti, the Kalpeni island boasts a huge storm bank of coral debris that runs along its eastern and southeastern shorelines. It is believed that a violent storm in 1847 threw up huge coral boulders along these shores. A haven for adventure seekers, the island offers exciting wonders of swimming, snorkelling and reef-walking. Water sports on kayaks, sailboats and pedal boats can also be enjoyed here. The island has a pristine beauty and looks particularly enthralling when sunlight falls on the water, causing it to glitter like a million aquamarines. A major attraction of the island is the Tip Beach that has a shallow emerald lagoon lapping at its white sandy shores. A 37-m-high lighthouse adds to the charm of the island. Along with two small islets of Tilakkam and Pitti and the uninhabited island of Cheriyam, Kalpeni forms a single atoll.

Other Attractions in Kavaratti