Bangaram is a tiny teardrop-shaped island in Lakshadweep, lying very close to Agatti and Kavaratti. Its creamy sands dotted with luxuriant plantations of coconut trees, fringed by turquoise lagoons, invite visitors to relax in this natural retreat. The warm and deep waters of the Indian Ocean, along with myriad flora and fauna, draw scuba divers as well. Some of the coral formations you can sight here include the black coral formations, varieties of coral fish like angel, clown, butterfly, surgeon, groupers along with turtles and morena. Since the island is uninhabited, one can explore its unspoilt environs and enjoy this treasure trove of nature at leisure. At night, phosphorescent plankton washed ashore on the coral sands imparts a bluish glow to the beach and the sight is ethereal.

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