Shaped as a crescent, the Minicoy island floats along the side of one of the biggest lagoons in Lakshadweep. Touching the southernmost part of the islands, Minicoy is spread over an area of 4.8 sq km, making it the second-largest of the group. The scenic beauty of the island is enthralling and its pristine blue waters, coconut tree-lined shores and mirror-like inland lakes, all culminate to form a paradisiacal setting. Minicoy is set apart from the northern islands for its culture, which is quite lively. A variety of folk dances are practiced here, including lava, thaara, dandi, fuli and bandiya. The island uses colourful and beautiful boats called jahadhoni for boat races and receiving dignitaries. It also has a very old lighthouse that was constructed in 1885. Visitors are allowed to climb up to the very top and get sweeping views of the surrounding areas.


Being the only island in Lakshadweep that has three large shipwrecks, about 8 m deep, Minicoy is also a popular diving site. These wrecks look like a virtual museum that lies underwater. Moreover, tourists can find interesting species of fish swimming about, including hump-back parrot fish, red snappers, napoleon wrasse, barracuda and bull rays.

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