The glorious island of Thinnakara lies close to the Bangaram island and its beautiful beaches and scenic views make it one of the most attractive tourist spots in Lakshadweep. Since this teardrop-shaped island has limited connectivity to the mainland and no human habitation, it has managed to retain its natural environs. Exploring the unspoilt beauty of its creamy white sands, pristine beaches, vibrant corals and the endless blue sea, can be a great experience. The island sees scarce footfalls, and one can almost get the feel of a privately-owned island and relax on the beaches amidst swaying palm trees. You can also sunbathe on the lovely shores or enjoy a game of beach volleyball.


For lovers of water sports, the island is a haven as its crystal clear waters and marine life make it an ideal place for snorkelling, kayaking and scuba-diving. At night, one can sprawl on the beach and watch a billion stars light up the dark sky.

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