Jaipur is ripe with possibilities when it comes to exploring it. From beautiful vistas on a hot air balloon to the enchanting light and sound show, there are many things that visitors can experience here.

Heritage Walk

The best way to explore the delights of the historic city of Jaipur is by going on Heritage Walks. While one is usually overwhelmed by the grandeur of palaces and forts of the city, there are deeper insights into the livelihood of people here. The artisans and traders are the heartbeats of the city. One can attend workshops that delve into the traditional arts and crafts of Jaipur and also get a peek into the process of making them. The food streets and the markets of Jaipur are just as lively and foodies should make a beeline for the delicious kachoris and sweets.

Heritage Walk

Eat at Lakshmi Mishthan Bhandar

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar is a vegetarian restaurant in the Old City that was established in 1954. Its extensive sweet corner is a major highlight and offers some mouth-watering dishes like mawa kachori (deep fried spicy snack) and paneer ghevar (sweet made of cottage cheese and condensed milk). With over 500 products on the menu, one is spoilt for choice here.

Jeep Safari at Nahargarh

Nahargarh jeep safari is an exciting rendezvous with wildlife. The tour starts from Amber Fort and takes one through Nahargarh Biological Park. One can spot a variety of birds along with 13 lions that are housed here. The safari then takes one to Shikargah, which has two hills facing each other, and Kali temples. One can see the lovely wildlife in the forests around and explore the stepwells that were once used for irrigation.

Drive to Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is one of the largest inland saltwater lakes in the country. Besides a large concentration of salt in its surrounding areas, the lake is also known as a popular spot to see flamingos. One can also see pelicans here.

Kacchi Godhi

Kacchi Godhi is a popular dance form of Rajasthan that originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. This dance is mostly performed at weddings to entertain the bridegroom's party. Dancers wear elaborate costumes that make them look as if they are riding a dummy horse. This dance is performed by men who wear red turbans, dhotis and kurtas and carry swords. They move to the beats of drums and fifes while a singer expounds upon the exploits of the Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati.

Bandhani Workshop

Bandhani is one of the most popular styles of Jaipur textiles. It gives a beautiful tie and dye effect to a cloth. To create this effect, the cloth is tied in various places and then dyed to make sarees, salwaar kameez, dupatta etc. The colours that are mostly used in this technique are red, yellow, blue, black and green. After dying, bandhani appears in various patterns like waves, dots, strips and squares. This depends on the manner in which the cloth has been tied. One can attend a workshop that shows the whole process of tie and dye.

Lac Bangles Workshop

Lac bangles are a popular craft of the state of Rajasthan. They are made of resin produced by female lac insect. They are then heated and custom fitted. One can find them in various colours and patterns and they are made of mirror pieces, stones and beads. Workshops showing how the bangles are made can be attended by visitors who can shop to their heart's content.

Amber Fort�s sound and light show (son-et-lumiere)

The spectacular son-et-lumiere at Amber Fort brings to life the glorious days when the royal family used to reside here. The show is a visual treat with the Amber Fort in front of the audience and the Jaigarh Fort on the left, against the backdrop of craggy hills. The show also aims to celebrate the musical maestros of Rajasthan who have continued to bring glory and have been a source of pride for the state.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Several private groups offer hot air balloon trips in Jaipur, with the most popular one taking tourists over the Amber Fort. Generally an hour long, the ride is exhilarating and the city surrounded by rolling hills, dotted with forts and palaces, looks mesmerising from the air. One can feel the excitement of soaring over palaces, lakes and forts during the safari.