The region of Jabalpur has historically been ruled by the Gond tribe and the Kalchuri rulers, and thus the construction of most monuments can be accredited to the Gond dynasty. The Madan Mahal Fort has been built under their patronage as well and is located on a hill, from where one can get sweeping and picturesque views of the surrounding scenery. The fort was built in the 11th century by the 37th Gond ruler, Madan Singh, and though it is not very large, it is an effective fortified garrison and a military outpost.

Though the primary fort and the home of the royal family was the Garha Fort, located in the plains, this fort is also well-equipped with rooms, stables and even secret passages for the royal family to enter into or escape from the fort. Since this was a military post, one also finds ample infrastructural facilities for maintaining horses and the army.

Other Attractions in Jabalpur