Located at the heart of the state of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is a city that offers tourists many natural wonders, mythological lore and historical heritage. The most popular attraction is the marble rocks. It is a deep gorge lined by gigantic mountains of marble carved by the Narmada river that flows through. The intriguing marble rock formations rise as high as 100 ft and the sight of the river rushing through the 8-km-long gorge is awe-inspiring.

Jabalpur also acts as the gateway to the green heart of the state: the famous tiger reserves of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench. Apart from these, there are many smaller reserves nearby. Some of these are the Virangana, Panpatha and Nauradehi wildlife sanctuaries that make for thrilling explorations. Come to Jabalpur to witness the confluence of modernity and ancientness, along with wildlife, including the spotted deer, birds, wild boar, barking deer, wild dog, chital etc. Another fascinating stopover is the Ghughua National Park, which is home to fossils of plants, seeds, flowers as well as fruits.

Historically, the area was known as the Mahakaushal region and it is believed to be the land blessed by the great Jabali rishi. The Gond kings were supposedly so enthralled by the beauty of the region that they decided to make it a favoured place to relax. This is not hard to believe as one strolls through the magnificent Vindhya range and lush forests that make up the ecological backdrop of the region. Archaeologists, geologists and zoologists all flock to this place because of the innumerable treasures it holds.