Home to the majestic royal Bengal tiger, the Kanha National Park is spread over an impressive area of  940 sq km. It is commonly believed that this park, with its lush green meadows and thick sal forests so enchanted the English author Rudyard Kipling that he used it as background for his iconic novel 'The Jungle Book'. The park also holds the distinction of bringing back the barasingha (swamp deer) from the brink of near extinction. The park is also home to other majestic animals like leopard and wild dogs. The award-winning National Geographic film, ‘Land of the Tigers’ was also shot here. The sprawling acres of lush verdant greens of the national park offer many incredible natural views. Head over to the popular Bamni Dadar, or the sunset point, which offers an amazing view of the landscape dotted with grazing sambars and gaurs. A safari through the park where one can sight animals in their natural habitat is indeed an unforgettable experience. 

Considered to be one of the best managed parks in Asia, Kanha Tiger Reserve was created in 1974 as part of Project Tiger. The park is known for the stringent conservation programmes to preserve flora, fauna and the local eco-system. The park is closed during peak summer so it is best to make travel plans for Kanha during the winter months, between mid-October and end of June. The winter months also see a lot of migratory birds making their way to Kanha and hence birdwatching opportunities are ample. 

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