Nestled amid the snow-capped Himalayas and pristine and lush greenery, Wular lake (also spelt as Wullar) looks like a little piece of heaven that dropped down on the earth. One of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the Asian continent, it attracts visitors from across the globe, who come here to stand in awe of its joyful beauty. The lake lies in the Bandipora district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is partly fed by the Jhelum river.


This miracle of nature was formed by a tectonic activity (when the edges of two or more plates inside the earth come in contact because of earthquakes, volcanoes or general mountain building activities). The size of the lake varies according to the season and while sometimes it is a 30-sq-km pool, other times it is a vast 60-sq-km expanse. It is said that the lake used to be bigger in size but much of its water was drained out when willow plantations were built on its shore in the 1950s.


Today, Wular Lake doubles up as a birdwatcher's paradise as it is known for its avian population. One can see some beautiful bird species at all times of the day. There are many species of fish as well, including the common carp, rosy barb, mosquitofish and several snowtrout.

The lake is a great place for family outings on houseboats and narrow boats that can be hired to cruise along the lake. The experience at Wular Lake is nothing short of poetic - one can enjoy the colourful and beautiful aquatic life in the lake while relaxing in the silence of the surrounding mountains.


The lake is a major source of livelihood for people. It is believed that close to 8,000 fishermen are making ends meet, thanks to it. Many villagers are hired by cooperatives societies to help in the fish trade. Plants including the grass Phragmites and the Nymphoides (similar to water lilies) from the lake are also harvested by several families for animal fodder.

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