With stunning beaches, legendary temples and offering several adventure sports, Gokarna, in Karnataka, is a town with many identities. Since antiquity, the main attraction of the place has been its temples, attracting devotees in thousands. It has been known as a 'Brahmin town' and the gods have marked not just the hills and ravines in their names but also the beautiful beaches.

One of the beaches is shaped like the spiritual symbol of Om while two peaks standing together, almost in conjugal harmony since time immemorial have come to represent the eternal love shared by Lord Shiva and His divine consort Goddess Parvati.Gokarna literally translates into 'cow’s ear', maybe referring to an area formed by the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers. The drive to Gokarana, passing through the imposing rocky cliffs of the Western Ghats on one side and the blue expanse of the Arabian Sea on the other, is very scenic.

No wonder people have ascribed a religious transcendence to these hills and beaches. Most of the beaches in Gokarna are surrounded by rolling blues of the Arabian sea and the cliffs, providing picturesque panoramas of the sea and skies as far as the eyes can see. Most of the beaches are separated from the town and the other beaches by these rocks and give the feeling of being a private enclosure.Because of the terrain of Gokarana, in recent years it has also attracted a lot of adventure buffs. Some of the popular water adventure activities here include jet skiing, boating, angling, dolphin spotting and banana boat rides among others. In recent times, Gokarana has become a destination that attracts the young and adventurous crowd from around Karnataka. Gokarana is truly a place which has something to offer for everyone, from exotic beaches, to ancient temples and flavourful local cuisine.