Swaswara, literally inner voice, is an all-inclusive beach retreat. Located just above Goa's southern border in Karnataka, it is a mere half mile away from the centre of Gokarna. The retreat has been created to reflect the harmony of natural elements, in the colours of the earth, and the rolling waters of the Om beach nearby. It is a seamless blend of the best of an ashram and a traditional spa. Sprawling acres of paddy fields and coconut groves create a serene backdrop to the many yoga and meditation centres that dot the scenery. The retreat makes a conscious effort to adopt environment-friendly practices. Most of the food cooked in the kitchen is sourced locally and some of it is even grown in the retreat's own farm.

The recipes used are local in flavour and consciously oil-free and wholesome. Another step taken by the retreat is to recycle the water used and the waste generated in it. An interesting part of the retreat is the rainwater harvesting system that is operated in such a way that it makes it self-sufficient. Even drinking water is purified from the same lake where rainwater is collected and harvested. You can enjoy a rejuvenating stay at Swaswara, regain your inner strength and calm, all with the satisfaction of knowing that your stay is not harming but helping the local eco-system.

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