The port town of Honnavar is famous for its scenic beauty and the many islands that have been formed by the merging of River Sharavati into the Arabian Sea. The pristine Apsara Konda Falls and the Kasarkod Beach are other attractions in the area. Apsara Konda literally translates into the pond of the celestial nymphs and once you lay eyes on the falls, they look just as spectacular as their name suggests. Tourists can also visit Ramathirtha, which is a large tank into which water falls from two heights, one called Ramathirtha and the other, lower, called Laxmanthirtha. Local legend claims that Lord Rama, Lord Laxman and Goddess Sita took a dip in the holy waters of the tank during their forest exile. Honnavar is also known for its enchanting traditional dance-drama form called Yakshagana.

The root of the word Honnavar might be from �Honnavari' or 'Honnavare', a well-known plant in the region. Now, Honnavar is home to technological marvels like the long rail bridge across the Sharavati river.

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