Yana is a quaint village where the luxurious expanse of the Sahyadri Hills is interspersed with two unique rock outcrops that the locals know as the Bhairaveshwar Shikhar and the Mohini Shikhar. Both of these are easily reached by making a short trek of about half a kilometre through lush forests from the nearest road head. The Bhairaweshvar Shikhar is 390 ft high while the Mohini Shikhar is 300 ft high. Both the rock formations are solid black, crystalline Karst limestone. A religious attraction nearby is the cave temple below the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara, which contains a swayambhu linga (self-originated idol).

Water drips from the roof just over the linga and many believe that this increases the sanctity of the place. An interesting part of the annual Shivratri celebrations here is the car festival that attracts a lot of visitors. Thousands of pilgrims flock to this scenic spot every year. For an adventure traveller, the rock outcrops and hills provide many trails and routes for trekking. There are many excellent opportunities for birdwatching as well. Despite the constant buzz of tourists, Yana village has retained its rustic charm of mud roads lined with mushroom-like huts nestled securely between the verdant arms of the Western Ghats.

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