This quaint town is most famous for the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. What makes the experience even more sublime and grandiose is the backdrop of the magnificent Arabian Sea and the lush Western Ghats. According to legend, one of the atma-linga (a divine linga) pieces fell on this exact spot on the beach and that is how the location of the temple came to be decided. There are a large number of smaller Shiva temples as well. This ensures that Murudeshwar sees a large footfall throughout the year. When visiting the town, don't miss out on the statue park that features a number of life-size statues of characters from the Shiv Puran as well as the Indian epic, Mahabharata.

The park also features statues of Ravan handing over the atma-linga to Lord Ganesha, who is in the guise of a shepherd. A number of statues of sages from Indian mythology in meditative poses also feature in the park. The Murudeshwar Beach is a clear white sandy beach, among the cleanest of the Konkan beaches. For adventure-enthusiasts, Murudeshwar offers many other options like water sports, snorkelling, trekking, beaches as well a number of historical destinations nearby.

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