These are the highest waterfalls in the state and the second highest plunge waterfall in Asia. One has to visit this sublime spot to even be able to imagine the roaring beauty of the Sharavati river falling in a multi-streamed plunge from the emerald green forests around the falls. The mighty falls is about 253 m high. The four different water streams into which the river splits after the initial plunge are locally referred to as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. Just behind the falls, the fierce flow of the Sharavati river is tamed by the Linganamkki Dam that stores huge amounts of the river's water.

The falls are fed by the water released from the dam. This means that on most days, the stream of the falls is fairly thin and controlled but one can see the true majesty of the river and the falls during monsoons when the dam is no match for the might of the river. But even when the stream of water is thin, the falls offer a pleasant experience as one can see the rock face, which is otherwise hidden behind the stream of water. Adventure travellers can trek to the bottom of the falls, or climb down the 1,000 odd steps to reach the rocky pool at the bottom. It is common to spot rainbows forming over the mist of the pool. It is advised that people should not try to bathe or enter into the rocky pool as the waters are unpredictable. The word 'jog' means fall in Kannada and this verdant tourist spot is one of the most popular and scenic getaways in the monsoon season when the waterfall is in full splendour. The falls lie at a distance of 121 km from Gokarna.

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