A deceptively humble hilltop city, nestled in the northernmost part of the state of Karnataka, Bidar is drenched in history. Historically, this quaint unassuming town has been at the centre of a number of important dynasties in the region. Home to amazing monuments and ruins, it boasts a melange of cultures and legacies and leaves one in awe of its historical diversity.

Its architectural trail is unique in that one can perceive the designs and decorative patterns of various dynasties and rulers, who ruled the region at one time. You can easily spot interesting amalgamations of Hindu, Turkish and Persian artisanship. Most of the prominent historical monuments in the region belong to the pre-Kakatiya, Tughluq, Bahamani, Barid Shahi, Adil Shahi, Mughal and Nizam eras. Bidar is renowned for its exquisite Bidriware, which is a must-buy during your visit here.The current district of Bidar includes the first capital of the Rashtrakuta empire along with Basavakalyan, formerly known as Kalyani, which was the capital of Western Chalukyas and the Kalachuris. Both Bidar and Kalyani, as important and politically powerful cities, attracted many scholars as well as artisans from across the globe. According to some accounts, Bidar featured as an important city even in the Spaniard empire in the region during the middle ages.In medieval India, Bidar was a force to reckon with as the capital city of the great Bahmani and the Barid Shahi dynasties. This meant that the city was at the heart of many political intrigues as well. The versatile architecture of the region is testament to all these different dynasties and cultures in their different times, leaving their marks on the city. This also explains why there are so many historical forts, palaces as well as tombs in the region. Bidar Fort is an impressive example of the region’s architecture. Despite being more than 500 years old, it still stands strong. No wonder then that the city has been known as the city of whispering monuments, where each wall tells a tale!Another important historical event that has influenced the heritage and architecture of the region is the movement fostered by the Lingayat reformist Basavanna, who was the founder of the Shaivite sect of Virashaivas.

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