Also known as Narasimha Zarna cave temple and Jharani Narasimha temple, it is located within a cave with water running up to 30 m. There is no other way of reaching the deity, except by wading through knee-deep water. The cave is located in the Manichoola Hill range and the temple is open to the public from eight in the morning. Some devotees even believe in purification before seeing the lord so they take a quick bath in the fountain located right outside the cave temple. Also, be ready for the innumerable bats hanging from the roof!

According to the local mythology, Lord Narasimha first killed Hiranyakashyapu and then killed the demon Jalasura, who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. After his death, he turned into water and began flowing by the feet of his slayer. It is said that as he still flows at the feet of the lord, devotees have to wade through this water to get a darshana (view) of the deity.

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