Located about 70 km from Vadodara, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is dotted with teak, mahuda and bamboo trees, along with several herbs and medicinal plants. It is home to a vast population of leopards, wild boars, jackals, hyenas, barking deer, sloth bears, four-horned antelopes (chausingha) and the largest antelope in Asia, nilgai. Those fond of avifauna must carry binoculars as the sanctuary is also home to birds like paradise fly catcher, golden oriole and tailor bird. During winter, the lakes attract migratory birds like pin-tails, teals, Brahminy ducks and comb ducks. Moreover, it is also home to a wide variety of snakes including cobra, rat snake, Russel’s viper and python. One of the two reservoirs in the sanctuary, Kada, has the facility of a forest rest house where tourists can camp. Jambughoda has also been home to various tribal settlements. Expert and amateur trekkers can climb several trails in the sanctuary's region, nestled in well-forested hills. The forest near the sanctuary also makes for a marvellous camping site.

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