Located around 130 km from Vadodara, Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary is home to the maximum number of sloth bears found in the state of Gujarat. It is an absolutely thrilling experience to witness these cute creatures in their habitat. Some other species you can spot in this sanctuary are leopards, hyenas, jungle cats, langurs, striped hyenas, four-horned antelopes, porcupines, palm and Indian civets and mongoose. The sanctuary also invites birdwatchers for its avifauna species like Loten's sunbird, green barbet, crested serpent eagle, grey junglefowl, common babbler, hoopoe, lesser golden-backed woodpecker, Alexandrine parakeet and many more. About 55 sq km of the sanctuary's land is dedicated to reserve forests for 11 villages housing tribal communities. A major area is also under the possession of the irrigation department. The forested area once used to belong to the ex-ruler of Devgadh Baria.

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