Originally known as Darbhavati, the ancient fortified town of Dabhoi is significant for the Jain religion and finds mention in the scriptures of Girnar. With six temples including Sri Lodhan Parshvnath Temple, it is a popular pilgrimage site of the Jains. Situated around 35 km from Vadodara, Dabhoi, with its stunning grandeur, was home to a number of Jain scholars and added to the Jain Granth Bhandar, a collection of ancient Jain manuscripts. The main attraction in this ancient town is Dabhoi Fort that boasts beautiful and intricate stone carvings and iconography on its walls and gates. In recent times, Dabhoi has also gained fame for its narrow-gauge railway station, one of the largest and the oldest in Asia. Approximately 10 km from Dabhoi lie an irrigation reservoir and a wetland that are not only a water source for the nearby villages but also an excellent site for birdwatching. Here, one can spot species like stork, tern, ibis, spoonbill and more. There is an eco-tourism campsite as well, best visited in the migratory season between October and March.

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