Located on the outskirts of Vadodara, the town of Sankheda is renowned for its handcrafted furniture and finely polished lacquerwork. The craft form has a high demand both in the country and internationally. The artist community of Kharadi Suthars here creates beautiful masterpieces using lathes, handheld tools and basic machinery. While here, you can visit the homes or work centres of these artists and watch them in action!

Another interesting feature is the town’s history. Several stone relics, belonging to the Stone Age, have been excavated here. Five temples, believed to be dating back to the period of Mahabharata, have also been found, indicating that the Pandavas might have lived here for a while. There are two stone inscriptions in town that establish the place’s historical importance, and one of them is at the public park near the Taluka Panchayat Office that bears inscriptions from 1299. The other stone inscription is located at the entrance door of the ancient fort in town and bears Shak Year 1417, and is written partly in Persian and partly in Sanskrit.

Other Attractions in Vadodara