Built in an Italian style of architecture, Makarpura Palace is a gorgeous structure that once served as the summer home of the Gaekwad royal family. It was commissioned by Maharaja Khendarao Gaekwad II and its construction was completed in 1870. It is said that the Maharaja spent a lot of time here on his hunting trips. The palace is a three-storey structure that is divided into two parts and has more than 100 ornate brick rooms, along with frame-arch balconies and wooden staircases. The highlight of the palace is its Japanese-style 130-acre garden. Designed by William Goldring, the architect of the royal botanical gardens, the garden at the palace was named Kew and had a swimming pool and a lake with swans. There were ivory fountains as well that were activated to welcome the king every time he came to visit the palace.

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