Once a Danish colony, Tranquebar is nothing less than a paradise for laid-back travellers and history lovers. Drenched in colonial charm and blessed with picturesque views of the ocean, this little town transports you to the times gone by. Taking a heritage walk through Tranquebar is a one-of-its-kind experience. Start your exploration with Landporten or the main entrance gate of the town, adorned with the royal Danish emblem. As you walk further, you reach the town's most popular King Street, which is dotted with Danish era buildings, stucco walls, opulent churches, majestic bungalows and the historical Dansborg Fort.

The most striking structures include the Zion Church and the New Jerusalem Church. The Zion Church is one of the oldest protestant churches in India and boasts a beautiful blend of Indian and colonial styles of architecture. The New Jerusalem Church stands right opposite and dates back to 1718.


Another attraction is the sea-facing mustard-coloured Fort Dansborg, which once served as the residence of the governor. Boasting stone walls and mounted cannons, the fort stands as a fine specimen of the Scandinavian military style of architecture. The fort also houses a small museum that displays a rare collection of fossils, ancient coins, manuscripts and treaties that were signed between the Danish officials and the Indian rulers. Right across the fort is the summer residence of the then British Collector. You can also visit Van Theylingen House and check out the small maritime museum that has been set up here. There's also a Danish Cemetery on the street parallel to the King Street.


In the evening, you can spend some quality time at the beach and visit the ancient Masolamani Nathar Temple that dates back to 1305. Taking a peaceful walk at the boulder laden beach makes for a truly rejuvenating experience. Also known as Tharangambadi, the town lies at a distance of 98 km from Thanjavur.

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