Situated about 75 km from Rajkot, Tarnetar is famous for its annual fair known as the Tarnetar Fair. The origin of the fair has been linked with the swayamvar (an event where a woman selects her husband out of the many men who come to ask for her hand in marriage) of Draupadi of the epic Mahabharata. Historically, the fair is believed to have started around 200-250 years ago and is held every year on the grounds of the Trinetshwar Mahadev, which means the three eyed god. The fair celebrates ethnic folk dance, music and arts of the state and is centred around young tribal men and women seeking prospective marriage partners. One of the most popular dance forms performed is 'raas', where as many as 200 women perform the same motions in a circle. The rabari women of Zalawad perform a famous dance called rahado. Apart from the dance, one can find various bhajan mandlis (religious music groups) engrossed in singing. There are a number of stalls put up during the fair from where visitors can buy ethnic jewellery, costumes etc.

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