Situated at the foothills of small hillocks, near a spring, the Khambhalida Caves are a prominent historical site, whose intricate carvings are mesmerising. They comprise 15 caves made from limestone and date back to the 4th and 5th centuries. The central cave is a chaitya (shrine temple) and has a worn-out stupa with two sculptures of Bodhisattvas, flanking the entrance. On the right is the sculpture of Vajrapani, under an Ashoka-like tree with attendants, and on the left, is Padmapani, under an Ashoka-like tree with a woman and five attendants. On the left of Padmapani is a sculpture of a yaksha-like dwarf holding a basket. These caves were discovered by prominent archaeologist P P Pandya in 1958. They are now maintained by the Archaeology Department of Gujarat state. There is another cave on the left that is deep and huge and open in the front. It is said that it may have been used by monks for meditation.

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