On the serene banks of River Kukadi lies the Shri Vighneshwar Temple. Built in 1833, this temple has a deepmala (string of earthen lamps) and a golden dome that are appreciated by many. The deepmalas are lit during the festival of Kartik Poornima. In this temple, one of the ashtavinayaks, the idol of Lord Ganesha or Vishneshwar Vinayak (remover of obstacles) is worshipped. It is kept facing east, with its trunk towards the left. Two emeralds represent his eyes and there are diamonds on his navel and forehead. A combination of vermillion with oil is smeared on the idol, which is flanked by his consorts, Riddhi and Siddhi. The architecture of the temple is beautiful with its shikhara (spire) covered in gold foil. Its interior is adorned with murals, while the exterior boasts well-manicured lawns.

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