Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman, the temple is nestled in the suburbs of Nashik, and has a serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to find some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the main city. The pleasant climate will instantly put you at ease, as you seek the lords blessings, and explore the temple in its entirety.


Situated on the banks of River Godavari, Someshwar Temple is one of the oldest shrines in Nashik, and allures tourists for its photogenic faade and a plethora of activities, such as swimming and boating, that it offers. There is also a childrens park nearby.


Renowned for its beauty, Someshwar Temple has served as the backdrop of many movies. As you make your way to this tourist hotspot, make a pit stop at the village of Anandwalli, where Peshwas Anandibai and Raghobadada lived for some time. A small but beautiful temple known as Navasha Ganpati was built here by them.

Other Attractions in Nashik