One of the popular jyotirlingas (devotional shrines of Lord Shiva) in the country, Parali Vaijnath or Parali Vaidyanath, draws devotees from far and wide. This stone temple is located on a hill and the surrounding areas are covered in traditional medicinal plants. The temple allows devotees to perform personal prayers. Every Mahashivratri, a fair lasting 15 days is organised, which witnesses massive footfalls. There is an interesting legend associated with the shrine. It is said that once Ravana was carrying the jyotirlinga to Lanka and the gods did not wish for this to happen. Thus, they sent sage Narada to stop Ravana, who conned him into dropping the jyotirlinga. It is said that wherever the pieces of the jyotirlinga fell, temples of Lord Shiva have been erected.  

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