An imposing monument in the area, Nanded Fort stands majestically, overlooking the Godavari river. From the top, you can see the panorama - lush green fields stretching as far as the eye can see, outlined by the glittering waters of Godavari. It is indeed a sight for sore eyes. The fort is built on a hill and it is believed that this was done for strategic purposes. It was used as a lookout post from where one kept an eye out for possible enemy invasions. The military advantage of the fort can be guessed by the niches made for the use of archers. The fort's structure is made with stone and wood. The premises boast a large courtyard that is connected with other parts of the fort with several archways, which have been designed in the signature style of the region. Interestingly, one can see Buddhist influences in the architecture. The fort also contains a number of stine rooms, which must have been used for storing arms as well as ration. There is also a large water tank with steps leading to its base.


The construction of the fort is accredited to the Nanda dynasty, which built it in the 6th century. The fort lies in ruins today owing to the repeated conquests of the Mughals over Marathawada, and offers you a chance to let your imagination run wild and wonder how the great fortress was once stormed by the Mughal army. There are a lot of affordable boarding options nearby and the locals are more than willing to hail you with anecdotes, which make a trip to this monument unforgettable.

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