Dance and drama are important aspects of the life of the people of Nanded. Most of the dance forms enjoyed by the locals are steeped in folklore of the great kings, historical fables revolving around their lives as well as mythological stories. Some of the popular dance forms are povadas, lavni, gondhals and bharuds.

Podavas are ballads that tell stories from the life of the legendary king, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A dance usually performed at fairs and festivals is bharud, which is an interesting depiction of folk culture with bouts of comedy and spirituality thrown in. When it comes to skill, lavni is noted for the beautiful blend of dance and song that requires exceptional rhythm. In theatre, mostly tamasha and dindi forms find popularity. Tamasha was introduced in the 16th century and is an interesting mix of narrative writing, poetry and lavni dance. This folk theatre is mostly performed by Kothari and Mahar communities. Meanwhile, dindi is a religious art form that revolves around Lord Krishna and is generally performed during Ekadashi.

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