Situated about eight km on the northern side of Barsana, the town is believed to be the home of Shri Nandji, the foster father of Lord Krishna, and Yashoda, his foster mother. Nandgaon became their permanent place of residence after they moved from Gokul to escape the demons sent by Kansa to kill Lord Krishna. During his childhood, Lord Krishna lived with his foster parents in this town, which is considered as one of the sub-forests of Vrindavan.

Nandgaon is located on the top of Nandishwar Hill, which is said to be one of the homes of Lord Shiva. According to legend Lord Shiva prayed to Lord Krishna to allow him to view the latter’s childhood play and pastimes. Krishna, pleased with Lord Shiva’s devotion and sincere plea, instructed him to reside here in the form of a hill. The town has a temple of Nand Rai on the hill. It is also visited for temples like Yashoda Nandan, Nritya Gopal, Nand Nandan, Udhav Kyaro and Gopinath. There is also a lake named Pan Sarovar from where it is believed that Lord Krishna’s cattle used to drink water.

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