Dedicated to Goddess Shakti, who is worshipped in the form of Mangaladevi, the Mangaladevi Temple is a prominent site in the region. The sanctum sanctorum houses an idol of the goddess where she is seen in a seated posture. Around the main sanctum are shrines dedicated to other deities. The temple was constructed by Kundavrman, the king of Ahepa dynasty, in the 9th century, in the Kerala style of architecture. The structure is made of huge stones that boast intricate inscriptions. It is located on the border of Periyar National Park and offers scenic views of the surrounding Western Ghats.


Legend has it that the temple was constructed by Parashuram, aone of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, and was later renovated and expanded by king Kindavarman.


The temple is open to public only once in a year during the Chithra Pournami celebrations in the months of April and May. On full moon nights, preists conduct special prayers at the temple.

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