Situated on the outskirts of Kurukshetra, this sacred water reservoir is said to be the meeting point of the seven tributaries of the now unexisting Saraswati river. Legend has it that this sarovar is the permanent abode of Lord Vishnu. According to local lore, the sanctity of the entire array of Tirthas, or pilgrimage sites, assembles here on the night of new moon. It is said that if a man performs shraadh, a memorial prayer offered for the ancestors, during a solar eclipse here and bathes in the tank, he is graced by the fruit of a thousand Ashwamedh sacrifices, which is an ancient Vedic ritual performed by kings to prove their sovereignty. Because of this, pilgrims visit here at the time of any solar eclipse. Local priests are famed to be the archivists of lakhs of pilgrims who come here. One can visit them and learn about their ancestors.

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