The picturesque Brahma Sarovar surrounds the famous Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. A calm expanse of water that hosts this sprawling temple, the sarovar is a sight to behold. The temple is attached to the land through a concrete arched bridge. The beautiful temple has been constructed out of buff sandstone and marble. A compound leads to the temple through three heavily carved doors. While it might have been a temple dedicated solely to Lord Shiva earlier, now there are idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Garuda as well. Devotees can visit the Krishna Ghat nearby that offers a splendid view of the temple, especially during sunsets. There is an arti (a fire ritual) which takes place every evening. There are special artis, along with a deep daan, which takes place on the occasion of Gita Jayanti in late November and early December.

Legend has it that Lord Brahma once worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple. Another mythological story suggests that Lord Brahma created the universe at this spot. Another legend associated with the temple suggests that during the epic battle of Mahabharata, this temple was destroyed in war every day. However, miraculously, it was reconstructed from scratch every night.

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