Built in the memory of the famous Sufi saint, Abdu'r-Rahim or Aabd-ul-Razak, who was popularly known as Shaikh Chehli or Chilli, this tomb is one of the greatest monuments of 17th century in the region. Shaikh Chehli is believed to have been the spiritual guru of Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan’s eldest son, Dara Shikoh. There is also a madrasa, an Islamic school, which overlooks the tomb, and stands on an artificial octagonal terrace

. The beautiful tomb is constructed with buff sandstone and is crowned with a white marble, pearl-shaped dome. The cenotaph of the saint is placed in the centre of the chamber and his grave is placed in the lower chamber, which joins the madrasa through a narrow gallery. The courtyard of the madrasa has a stone masonry tank in the centre and nine-arched openings on each side. The madrasa building also houses two small museums, where excavated archaeological finds from two nearby locations, Harsh ka Tilla and Bhagwanpura are displayed.

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