A unique combination of science and religion, the central attraction of the science centre is a life-like panorama of the battle of Kurukshetra. The exhibit gives travellers an alternate and scientific reading of various events of the battle. Built in a cylindrical shape, the centre is home to a number of interesting exhibits on ancient Indian concepts of properties of matter, structure of atoms, geometry, arithmetical rules, astronomy, medicine and surgery. One should not miss the panorama of the battle of Kurukshetra that is on display on the upper floor in the institution. It showcases in 3D modelling the battle of Mahabharata and offers a scientific explanation of each episode of the battle. There are several paintings that are part of the exhibit, some as high as 34 ft, which create a larger than life experience. The park outside has been used as an informal space for science exhibits for children that impart scientific knowledge in informal and interactive ways.

Other Attractions In Kurukshetra