Home to some of Kerala's most celebrated artists and writers, Kudamaloor is a beautiful town blessed with ancient temples and magnificent churches. Nestled on the banks of River Meenachil, Kudamaloor has a rural ambience dotted with huge mansions and traditional Nalukettu houses. The most popular attraction in Kudamaloor is Vasudevapuram Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is known here as Lord Jagannath. According to legend, the temple was raised specially for the women of Kudamaloor Chempakassery Madom. Beautiful murals painted on the walls are impressive. Another famous temple is Eeraveeswaram Mahadeva Temple, near which lie the ruins of an ancient fort worth a visit. You can see huge gaps in walls that were presumably spots from where cannons were fired. Kudamaloor is also the site from where the country's first woman saint, St Alphonsa was baptised in Blessed Virgin Mary Church. Dedicated to St Alphonsa, lovingly known as Muthiamma, the church was built by the Chembakassery king in 1125 AD. The church's attractive architecture is a seamless blend of Indian and western styles. The ancestral house of St Alphonsa called Muttathupadathu is a popular pilgrimage spot of Kudamaloor.

To get familiar with the art and cultures of the region like Sopanasangeetham, Kalamezhuthu and Mudiyattom, tourists can visit the various art and research centres.

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