Wood articles in Kumarakom are unique and handmade and thus make for great buys. Rosewood and sandalwood are mainly used to create carved products, especially idols of gods, goddesses and animals. The process of wood carving involves drawing the design on a piece of paper that is then cut along the edges using a sharp knife. The cut-out obtained from this step is then placed on the wood to mark outlines after which the artists finally carve the wood into various shapes and designs. It is interesting to note that the template is used only for outlining while the majority of the carving is done by the artists on the basis of their own imagination and creativity. The most common themes used in carving wooden articles include scenes from mythological epics, floral patterns, animal figurines. Wooden door frames and antique furniture items are also made using wood carving. Some craftsmen also use rose wood to create figures of Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ, Kathakali masks, pen stands and other such articles.

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