Textiles and handlooms of Kerala are renowned for their craftsmanship, design, colours and simplicity. They are woven by skilled artisans whose families have been in the profession for centuries. Some of the popular items you can buy include the famous white Karaikudi sarees with a golden band on the border. The Balaramapuram sarees and Kuthampully sarees are also high in demand and can be easily found in the saree shops of Kumarakom. The textile products of Kerala are made with materials like cotton, coir, sisal, jute and palm fibres. The state is home to a number of cooperative handloom societies that supply cotton yarns and other required weaving accessories. Most of the textile products in Kerala are crafted by weavers in their homes using different types of looms like pit looms and frame looms. Tourists visiting Kumarakom can also purchase the traditional kasavu mundu and settu mundu, which are traditional white cotton dhotis.

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