Historically, Kashipur has been an important place. One can travel around the city and see the many ruins of the Harsha period (590-647 CE). These include the Govisham Fort and the Tumaria Dam. There are also the ancient temples of Kashipur, which receive a large number of devotees every year. A part of the Udham Singh Nagar district, Kashipur is the access point to places like Drona Sagar Girital and Drona Sagar.

These popular spots are also associated with the legend of the Pandavas, which suggests that the Pandavas created the Drona Sagar Lake as an offering, or Guru Dakshina to their teacher Dronacharya. The excavation site of Drona Sagar has been underway and is being protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Another popular spot for picnic is the Giri Sarovar, a lake about 2 km from the Kashipur bus stand. The Chaiti Devi Temple, located nearby is famous for the navratri fair (a holy nine-day festival) that is held. Kashipur is also home to the only IIM (Indian Institute of Management) in Uttarakhand, which draws a huge number of cosmopolitan tourists to the once small city.

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