The ashram is located at a convenient distance of a kilometre from the Kausani bus stand. Gandhiji spent a number of days here in 1929 and a lot of people come to this place following in his footsteps. Local legend proudly suggests that Gandhiji was so besotted by the natural beauty of the place that he exclaimed that this was truly the Switzerland of India. He is believed to have been working on his theory of Anasakti Yoga, which preaches the belief in the philosophy of non-attachment to the material world. There is a small prayer room in the ashram, where prayers are held every morning and evening. Much like in the rest of the Kumaon region, sublime views of the Himalayas are abundant and omnipresent. The quietude and serenity of the spot is disturbed by little else and heightened by the locally popular reading library. The ashram also features a small archive-like museum that showcases photographs of Mahatma Gandhi’s stay here along with other paraphernalia associated with him. There is also a study and research centre in the ashram, which work towards taking Gandhiji’s philosophies forward. For those looking for an immersive experience, there are a small number of rooms available that can be rented.

Other Attractions In Kausani