The Garhwal school of painting is a tradition of art that has carved a niche for itself among the aesthetic traditions and history of the country. This school of painting is inspired by the abundance of natural elements like crystal blue skies and silvery mountains in the hilly paradise. Legend has it that the Garhwal school of painting began in the 17th century with the exiled Mughal prince Suleman Shikoh’s arrival in the region with two of his court painters. Shikoh, the son of the Mughal prince Dara Shikoh, left the region after a while but the painters, who originally were trained in Mughal art, stayed back, enchanted by the beauty of the region. Over time, their style mingled with the local artistic traditions and the Garhwal school of painting was born. The most famous proponent of the artistic movement is the poet-painter Moola Ram.

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