Head to one of the oldest forts in India to get a virtual experience of time travel. The perfect blend of rich history and scenic beauty, the Kangra Fort lies on a patch of land between the Manjhi and Banganga rivers. Built by the kings of Katoch, one of the oldest living dynasties, the fort is said to be the largest fort in the Himalayas. Its strategic position atop a hill, overlooking the surrounding areas made it particularly prominent.


From the fort, enjoy open vistas of the hilly landscape, arid at places and lush at others. Stand on its ramparts and gaze at the surrounding craggy peaks to understand why it was considered impregnable at one time!


Exploring the fort will take you straight into the pages of history. Surrounded by majestic gateways and doors, it boasts vast courtyards and ancient temples within its premises. A good solid hour would be enough to take a tour around the fort. However, to understand the appeal that drew Hindu rulers, Mughal and Sikh conquerors and later the British over different periods of time, would take ages. Today, tourists enjoy a short climb to the top of the fort to drink in spectacular sights. It is a good opportunity for photography as well. To get a more comprehensive overview of the fort's history, visitors can head to the Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch Museum, situated right next to the fort.

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