Ranakpur Temple, one of the most beautiful spiritual sites in India, makes for an ideal day trip if one is travelling between Udaipur and Jodhpur. It is located in Ranakpur village and is surrounded by Aravalli Hills. The main temple of Ranakpur, Chaumukha Mandir (four-faced temple), is dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain tirthankar (saint), and is therefore an important shrine for the Jain community in India.

Made entirely out of white marble, the temple comprises 29 halls, 80 domes, 400 columns and 1,444 individually engraved pillars. The pillars themselves are a thing of utmost beauty, adorned with peach and beige hues. They display intricate carvings of elephants, flowers, and people. Interestingly, no two pillars are the same!

Ranakpur Temple features high, domed ceilings and wide corridors. The ceilings are ornamented with intricate carvings of nymphs and celestial maidens playing musical instruments. There are five spires, and you can find a 6-ft-high statue of Adinath under the largest spire at the entrance.

The interior has been designed in a way that allows for a cool breeze to blow through the hallways and courtyards constantly. The best time to visit the temple is between October and February, when the weather remains pleasant.

Ranakpur Temple is surrounded by two other Jain temples, dedicated to Neminath (the 22nd tirthankar) and Parshvanath (the 23rd tirthankar), both within the complex. All three temples are carved out marvellously and provide a sense of tranquility to the visitors. One should not fail to visit the nearby Sun Temple and Amba Mata Temple while in Ranakpur, which are just as lovely.

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