A fine specimen of glass architecture, the Kanch Mandir is a grand temple that invites visitors for its splendid structure, exquisite windows, brilliantly designed domes and beautiful mirror work. From its walls and floors to ceilings and pillars, every inch of the temple is adorned with thousands of mirrors. Colourful ceramic tiles featuring impressive patterns, cut-glass chandeliers and glass lamps resembling lanterns add to the beauty of the temple. One of the major highlights of the temple is the special glass chamber that houses an image of Lord Mahavira in black onyx. The glass in the image is used in such a way that it creates an effect that the statue seen in the mirror multiplies into infinite numbers, mesmerising the spectators. The entrance of the temple is also noteworthy as it is adorned by a collection of marvellous paintings. The temple was built by Sir Seth Hukum Chand (1874-1979), a leader of the Jain community.

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