Soil collected from the seven sacred cities of India including Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi, Kanchi, Maya, Avantika and Dwarka is said to have been used to create the massive Lord Ganesha idol housed in the Bada Ganpati temple of Indore. Standing at a height of 25 ft, the idol is said to be the tallest Lord Ganesha idol in the entire world. It is believed that holy water from pilgrimage sites and a powder made from panch ratna- heera, panna, moti, manik and pukhraj, were also used to make the idol. Elements like gold, silver, copper, iron and brass constitute the metallic frame of the idol. Legends say that one of the residents of the city of Avantika or Ujjain dreamt of Lord Ganpati and he rose up the next day and made the statue of Bada Ganpati in order to seek favour from him. Built in 1875, the temple is located at the western end of the Mahatma Gandhi road in Indore.

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