Explore Indore city and its best places to visit

Snuggled at the heart of the Malwa Plateau, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the city of Indore is home to grand monuments, ancient temples and architectural delights that are a legacy of the mighty Holkar dynasty kings, who were the erstwhile rulers of the region. Rooted in history, Indore is a bustling city that has a busy culinary scene, vibrant bazaars, along with a profound spiritual connection. In fact, its name has been derived from the 18th-century Indreshwar Temple.

A trading hub between the Deccan region and Delhi during the 16th century, Indore was founded in the 18th century by Rao Nandlal Chaudhary, the chief of the landlords of the region. As one flips through the pages of history, it is revealed that the ancestors of the city were landlords of Malwa. It flourished as a well-planned capital city of the Holkars on the banks of River Saraswati (now nonexistent) and River Khan (Kahn).

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